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ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: Contactimprovisation/Kontaktimprovisation
ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: meets
ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: Contemporarydance/Zeitgenössischer Tanz
ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: Contactimprovisation dancefestival in Göttingen for dance, contactimpro, improvisation. Tanzfestival für kontaktimprovisation und Contemporary Dance.


Classes 2017

On most days of the festival in the afternoon there will be three classes happen parallel. One of them is cleary devoted to the practice of Contact Improvisation. The other two classes will offer some diversity out of the field of CI and contemporary dance.

To support CI beginners and people who want to focus strongly on CI technique we'll offer a CI class before the opening circle and 2-3 times in the late afternoon a one hour frame to focus on basic CI skills. 



Our teachers group is a very yummy mix of well established teachers (in the european festival landscape) and others who haven't been seen so much yet on these events.


Special offers





Ali Schwartz (Leipzig/ Germany)


Ali is a networker, dancer and pedagogue. She is interested in interdisciplinary collaborative projects that connect art, education and activism. She sees Dance Theatre and Contact Improvisation as tools to challenge the status-quo. In 2012 she completed her Master of Education Studies in Philosophy, English and Physical Education. Her thesis investigates the intersection of the Socratic Method and CI. Her artistic background includes extensive training in Contemporary and Modern Dance, Ballet, Contact Improvisation and Street Dance in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Stockholm. She received two scholarships at the Broadway Dance Center in NYC in 2005 and the Vertigo School of Dance in Jerusalem in 2014.

Recently she has been involved in teaching dance in the Middle East and organizing the Radical Contact meeting on Contact Improvisation (CI and Body Politics) and the Walls Down Festival against ignorance, indifference and intolerance.


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Andrzej Wozniak (Warsaw/ Poland)



ball of the foot, tensegrity, daring - class about jumping


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Barbara Pfundt (Hildesheim/ Germany)


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Daniel Werner (Göttingen/ Germany)





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Dino Spiri (Berlin / Germany)


Being a musician by trade I got to know Contact Improvisation during my studies at ArtEZ, Arnhem (NL) as I started composing music for dance performances. I fell in love with the form and study continuously since about eight years by now.

At the conservatory I also learned about the Alexander Technique and took private lessons from Eva Karczag. Pretty soon I understood that I wanted to attend the teachers training program and moved to Berlin.

My experience of the moving body and teaching are strongly influenced by the Alexander Technique, Klein Technique and BMC® and by working intensively with such wonderful teachers like Dan Armon, Eva Karczag, Jörg Hassmann, Hanna Hegenscheidt, the Moveus team Friederike Tröscher and Jens Johannsen.

In September 2013 I received my diploma from the School For The Alexander Technique of Dan Armon, Berlin.
I am following the Somatic Movement Education Program (BMC®) from Moveus since September 2013.
I teach CI mostly in Berlin at the Somatische Akademie and I curate and organize the Moving Body events in Berlin.

Since 2011 I coordinate the annual intensive of the School For The Alexander Technique, Berlin and in November 2016 for the first time the Alexander-Technique Festival!

My work as a freelancing tour manager and producer for dancers, workshop-formats and organizations include engagements with Sasha Waltz & Guests, Martin Nachbar, The Shakespeare Company Berlin, Joerg Hassmann, Hanna Hegenscheidt and Dan Armon among others.









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Katja-Bahini Mangold (Witzenhausen/ Germany)


Since early days of my youth I was fascinated by the transformative force which I experienced while dancing on my own. I used to train olympic gymnastics, later artistic acrobatics, modern dance and physical theatre and performed in diverse fields. Later on Contact-Improvisation, Butoh and free improvisation became the focus of my interest.

I was deeply touched by a 5-month long encounter with the Indian Ocean in 2008. The pure renewable force of the water in which I plunged allowed me to deeply and trustfully unwind and connect with the fluids in and around me. Sensing the subtle inner dance became more and more essential to me.

Since 2013 I teach free dance and Contact-Improvisation in Witzenhausen. Since 2012 I have been organising the Witzenhausen- Contact-Jam and CI-Workshops together with Marielle Gerke. Since 2014 we have been assisting Daniel Werner and Jörg Hassmann in the „Basic Training Program“ in Berlin.

Teachers, who supported and inspired me deeply, are:

Wal Mayans (anthropological theatre, Hara Theatro, Paraguay), Imre Thormann, Tadashi Endo and Anahi Chamorro (Butoh), Emily Conrad (continuum), Frey Faust (Axis Syllabus), Francesca Pedulla (African Dance), Jörg Hassmann, Daniel Werner, Bernd Knappe, Danya Elraz and Marielle Gerke (Contact-Improvisation)




(Katja-Bahini Mangold & Marielle Gerke)


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is a Finnish dancer, teacher and dance maker, who currently works and lives as a nomad. She graduated from the Vocational Dance School in Outukumpu, Finland 2004 as dancer, and holds a MA degree in "Contemporary Dance Education" from the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt, Germany. Since 2008, she’s been teaching Contemporary Dance Technique, Improvisation and Contact Improvisation internationally. She is curious about the states of presence and the body’s ability to transform, embody, and transmit images, into knowledge, emotions and atmosphere’s. Recently she’s been interested in jointing photography, video and text among other interdisciplinary approaches into her artistic work.



Contemporary Dance Technique

This Contemporary Dance training is a combination that draws inspiration from various sources such as yoga, somatic principles, floor work, and other release based techniques.

We start with a warm-up that slowly awakens the body-mind, engages the breath and gradually prepares the body thru simple movement patterns. Emphasizing spine as a mobile and articulate base for movement, drawing attention to the sensation of gravity, flow and ability to move with ease, the warm-up is followed by phrases that build up towards more complexity.

Focusing on the changes of level, locomotion, directions in space and altering tone of the body, we engage the spine through various means whilst asking how does the center support periphery and the other way around. The class aims at developing the gain of physical strength and effortlessness of the body in motion spiced up with some choreographic elements as well. 

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Laura Hicks (Canada/Germany)


has been working as a dancer, creator, performer, and teacher for over a decade. Focusing on perception, movement patterning, intention, and tools relating to image, state, and voice; she is inspired by a study, and love for improvisation and contact improvisation, and Bartenieff Fundamentals, functional anatomy, and physical theatre (Action Theatre and Grotowski). Laura recently completed her MA in Contemporary Dance Education, looking at 'state' as an approach and teaching tool in improvisation. She lives in Frankfurt.




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Lena Peled ( Tel aviv/ Israel)


I am a dancer, teacher and therapist based in Israel, Tel Aviv. Teaching release technique, floor work and contact improvisation. A contemporary dancer and CI dancer. A natural medicine therapist, today using reflexology, Bach flowers and nutrition as my main tools. Also part of the contact association and involved in the contacts events in Israel. My main interest is to combine the dance and therapy, looking at the conection between body and soul. Today using my teaching as a way to lid people closer to themselves, physically and emotionally. CI helped me to get closer to myself and open up to the world, my will is to spread this technique all around, share experience and knowledge with others and meet you, me, us.

In the contact dance I'm interested to put the focus on – listening, meeting, trust, momentum, effortless and playfulness and sensitivity.



Sharing weight as a "side effect" in contact improvisation

How we can share weight without making a "big deal" out of it?

The pocus will be on dancing without making a big effort to lift or be lifted . We will learn how to share weight in an easy and light way, expand our "box of tools" and share experience with one another.

Come ready to move a lot, meet new abilities of yourself and explore different qualities, bodies and human meetings!

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Lucía Sánchez


Movement lover, dance and pilates teacher, dancer, organizer… and a long list of small jobs to keep my life gravitating around dance.

In 2007 I started the adventure of opening a dance and pilates studio ( with the purpose of generating a space in Madrid for exploring the moving body with activities such as CI, Contemporary Dance, Pilates, Dance Improvisation, Butoh, BMC, labs or JAMs. Nine years after, many students, dance lovers and professionals have been part of it.

As a dancer I'm a troupe member at the dance and music

improvisation Company Omos Uno ( since 2012, dancing regularly in theaters around Spain, as well as dance maker in collaboration with Mónica Almagro, performing for example in the Madrid Butoh Festival.


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Marielle Gerke (Witzenhausen/ Germany)


Contact Improvisation as a dance form fascinates me a lot. I love the playfulness that lays in it and the diversity of movement options that become available when moving together with shared weight. To me is remarkable how clear nonverbal communication can become if both dance partners allow their bodies to truly fall into each other while listening to the proposed directions of movement under the skin. Teachers that I feel inspired and supported by are Jörg Hassmann, Daniel Werner, Bernd Knappe, Christoph Schütz, Roland Nordeck and my dear colleague Katja Mangold. I studied with Jörg Hassmann and Daniel Werner in their Basic Training Program in Berlin and supported their teaching as an assistant. In Witzenhausen (between Kassel and Göttingen) I facilitate the weekly CI-Jam together with Katja Mangold, teach a weekly CI-class as well as weekend-workshops.



Bodysurfing – where softness and power meet

(Marielle Gerke & Katja-Bahini Mangold)

In this class we look at the basic principles of bodysurfing. In solo work we soften our bodies and let go of unnecessary tension whilst raising soft power from the core. In partner exercises we practice different ranges of giving and receiving weight as well modulating our body tone according to the circumstances. By engaging different body surfaces we widen our range of possibilities for moving together on the floor level. A state of sensitive listening helps us to clearly understand the proposed directions of the shared dance.

With this class we wish to give you creative impulses for experiencing bodysurfing in a fluid, powerful, save and playful way! Being the pre-workshop of the festival we also imagine it to be a good opportunity to get some grounding in your arrival process.

Everybody is welcome.


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Mathilde Montfreux (Marseille/France)


is a French dancer, performer and CI teacher. After having been active in the Paris CI community, she is now living in Marseille, south of France, and developing contact there with an intimate group of people. She had her first full immersion in Contact Improvisation in San Francisco 15 years ago - she has then been influenced by many encounters within workshops in different countries, like with Lisa Nelson, Kirstie Simson, Brenton Cheng, Mark Tompkins, Didier Silhol, Jörg Hassmann- and a lot of other animals and unknown people! She picks up from the CI experience, energy and freedom of movement, which support her as a performer in diverse pieces. She nourishes as well her practice with the poetry of butoh, voice, and visual art.



Here I want to share a bit of my experience as a performer who learned to dance solo through contact improvisation - yes it happens! How? Cultivating the taste of the other and our embodied memory.

The other: the partner who is absent, who returns, the one I invented myself - and also the one I shall call me. That is to say, develop my own capacity for an inner dialogue, my ability to surprise me and to not bore myself. To expose myself to myself and to embody my loneliness, my clumsiness, or simply my desire to experience my power. What supports me? What are my engines? What are my resources? From warming-up to a scenario of improvisation, this course will be offered as a "score" where you will make choices as an improvisor.



Ici j'ai envie de partager un petit bout de mon expérience de performeuse qui a appris à danser en solo grâce au contact-improvisation - et oui ça arrive ! Comment ? en cultivant le goût de l'autre et la mémoire. L'autre : le partenaire qui s'absente, qui revient, celui que je m'invente - et aussi celui que je convoque en moi. C'est à dire développer ma propre capacité de dialogue intérieur, ma propre capacité à me surprendre, à ne pas m'ennuyer. Assumer mon corps exposé à la solitude, ma maladresse, ou simplement mon désir d'expérimenter ma puissance. Quels sont mes appuis ? mes moteurs ? mes ressources ? De l'échauffement jusqu'à une mise en situation de l'improvisation, ce cours sera proposé comme une "partition "où la place à vos choix d'improvisateur sera faite.


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Matti Haaponiemi (Finland)


Matti Haaponiemi is a Finnish dancer. He had a long history in Greco-roman wrestling and sports before he found contact-improvisation and contemporary dance. Now he is studying dance in Outokumpu Finland. Matti is interested in finding a common dance outside of the ideal and refreshing old patterns.



Inspiration from wrestling

This class is about moving, playing and dancing together. We will look into pushing, pulling, reaching and manipulating. We’ll do this by playfully wrestling and exploring actual wrestling technique and applying the material into our own dance. Fun fun fun, learn while you're playing!


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Monika Gallardo Rosell (Ibiza/Spain)


Graduating in the dance school of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona in 2003, specializing in contemporary, she is being curious in different techniques as aereal dance, juggling, music and different tecniques in contemporanie dance as release and flying low. She found Contact Improvisation in 2007 and since then is being active organizing events, festival, jams and classes. Teaching in her comunity and abroad.Since 2008 she have formed a part of the organization and creation of Ibiza Contact Festival.As a dancer she’s still interested in dance and improvisation techniques as well as to share information and explore curiosity with others.



Expanding Possiblities

I like the idea of having an open body, ready and available for as many possiblities of movement i can include.

We'll be working with: Body awarness: organization of the body in space and tridimensional movements; Understanding of the space arround us; Intutition; Reading the movement of the other and being readable.

Surfing the flow, reaching over the crest of the wave to submerge once more in the depth of the sea and to return to wait, listen, attentive and available, dancing with this wave which is behind everything.


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Nadja Schwarzenbach (Berlin/ Germany)


is a CI teacher and improviser based in Berlin. She is embedded in the CI community through dancing, teaching and organising CI related events.  She is Co-organizer of the Contact meets Contemporary Festival in Goettingen since 2009 and the Berlin Contact Festivals ( since 2013.

Contact Improvisation inspires me and keeps me happy already 10 years. My trainings and ongoing practice in bodywork, Klein technique and Axis syllabus inform my sense for touch and the understanding of the human body moving. I love offering space to experience the joy of being at home in a moveable and connected body. In teaching and in making big events like this happening.



Flying and landing

Contact Improvisation skills for satisfying rides and flights. Lifts are exciting to play around with. It is a most fun experience when the communication in a dance allows for little rides and flights. Providing a strong yet soft base is as important as a light, connected and oriented body is for flying. Having a sense of where the floor is and how to move into it provides more freedom for flying.
With a lot of tuning in, trusting and timing we enjoy collaboration as well as moments of falling in our dances. Not knowing what will happen but being alive, alert and ready allows for magic moments to happen.

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Olivia Court-Mesa (Chile/Israel) & Yochai Ginton (Tel-Aviv/ Israel)


Olivia Court-Mesa (Chile), and Yochai Ginton (Israel) are both professional dancers and dance teachers for contact improvisation and contemporary dance, they are based in Israel. They dance together since they met 5 years ago in the studio, for the creation of the duet “Never The Less” (Dafi Altabeb). During the process they found out that they share similar interests about movement and dancing. They started to explore more and more the experience of mixing contact improvisation and contemporary dance, establishing their own movement language. They created a workshop­laboratory called “The common body”, where they teach principles of dynamic floor work and contact improvisation (with also some influences from release dance technique and acrobatics) which leads towards partnering work.

Olivia studied dance in Germany, where she was working as a dancer before moving to Israel. She is also a choreographer, practices yoga and is an Ilan Lev practitioner. Yochai studied dance in Israel, currently he is also studying Feldenkreis and argentinian tango. Both are touring internationally with different dance companies and are members of the contact improvisation community in Israel.



The common body

In the class, the world of contact in it's improvised form meets the world of contemporary partnering choreographed work. These two worlds will blend together through using a sharper approach for movement composition, bringing more awareness to directions in space and using ideas for musicality/rhythm.

The class will start individually from dynamic floor work technique, continuing on to contact principles and eventually studying a partnering dance combination with the wish to challenge the familiar patterns of the contact dance and with the idea to expand the range of tools for understanding partnering work. Through this specific language we offer the choice to discover a whole range of physical variations using the awareness of an articulated body as well as the creative pathways while moving/dancing with a partner. When we see a structure as a playground we allow an experience of moving in new ways, we can find other colours and qualities in our own dance and an entire world of possibilities will open to explore the physicality of dancing with someone.


Moving from and within suspensions

In this class we would like to deal with several questions regarding the theme ‘suspensions’. How we physically create a suspension with our body?, where is the starting point of a suspension?, how do I engage my entire self into it?, how do I charge myself inside a specific suspension to let it explode into space, or to consciously direct it and therefore to be also capable to reverse our action of suspending?, how a suspension is shaping the form of the body and helping it to travel through space effortlessly?.

We would like to use this tool in order to connect to the dancing space, to our kinesphere, with a wider perspective travelling through, in and out of form within a suspended movement or from it. Exploring the quality of a pendulum in an effortless, yet, full movement without collapsing. Finding the ‘letting go place’ (woohoo! moment), riding a continuous wave in order to discover the end­beginning of our always developing movement, charging it back and forth.

We will work on this qualities alone or with a partner, dancing/moving in ground level and also on our own two feet.


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Rob Welcher (Chicago/USA)


Rob is a Chicago-based contact improviser, performer, swimmer and Waldorf math teacher. He regularly facilitates and leads the Chicago contact jam and pre-jam class; as well he often teaches classes in his home studio. He was a faculty member at the Great Lakes Area Contact Improv Enthusiasts Retreat (GLACIER) in October 2015. The difference between the energy and awareness of jams versus that of performance is a keen interest; he seeks to grow the opportunities and audience for improvised-based performance. A question that he has been exploring lately in his dancing and teaching is the solo within the duet. How is the solo both separate and part of the duet? How do we explore our own dance while dancing with another? And what obligation or responsibility do we feel towards our partner and the duet as they are experiencing it? He also wants to unearth alternate channels to discovering and accessing the entirety of the self; to that end he regularly takes opportunities to explore himself through experiences and personal explorations of areas such as philosophy, other art forms (e.g. theater, photography, water color painting), other forms of movement (e.g. Butoh), and traveling to teachers and dance festivals around the country and the world (e.g. Anna Halprin, Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation, Contact Meets Contemporary). He is thrilled to return to CMC as guest teacher.


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Sandra Hanschitz ( Austria/ Berlin)


I am a freelance artist working as stage designer and scenographer as well as dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. I have been studying various dance forms and sports connected to dance since I was little. My most present dance influences are Contemporary Dance, Axis Syllabus and Contact Improvisation. I am fascinated by the complexity of the human body (in motion) and its ever changing state of being.

For me CI offers a wealthy playground of human communication with lots of spontaneity, immediate responses and adaptation and unpredictable challenges with the potential of adrenalin rushes.



Inverted World - taking “hand-steps”

In this class I invite you to examine ways in which we can use our shouldergirdle and upper extremities to bear weight. We are going to play with gradually loading weight onto our hands to eventually balance the whole body on top of them. We are aiming to gain strength and trust in our arms and hands to use them as supportive structure in dancing alone and with others. We are going to look at accuracy in our embodiment to facilitate a healthy use of the shoulder and wrist joints. Our practice will find expression through improvisational tasks, partnering as well as set movement patterns. This class will hopefully assist you in playfully meeting the challenges of disequilibrium and balance while moving upside down.

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Special Offers




Ali Schwartz (Germany)


Ali is a networker, dancer and pedagogue. She is interested in interdisciplinary collaborative projects that connect art, education and activism. She sees Dance Theatre and Contact Improvisation as tools to challenge the status-quo. In 2012 she completed her Master of Education Studies in Philosophy, English and Physical Education. Her thesis investigates the intersection of the Socratic Method and CI. Her artistic background includes extensive training in Contemporary and Modern Dance, Ballet, Contact Improvisation and Street Dance in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Stockholm. She received two scholarships at the Broadway Dance Center in NYC in 2005 and the Vertigo School of Dance in Jerusalem in 2014.

Recently she has been involved in teaching dance in the Middle East and organizing the Radical Contact meeting on Contact Improvisation (CI and Body Politics) and the Walls Down Festival against ignorance, indifference and intolerance.



Festival Processing Journey

This is an invitation to process your individual festival experience. There will be space to share personally and exchange tools and strategies which support your intention for this week. Our focus will be on feeling safe during jams (and classes), so we will work with consensual touch and clear communication: How can I set boundaries, say Yes and No to dances/partners, what can I do when I feel disconnected?

We are all new to the moment. Everyone is welcome!

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Jörg Hassmann (Berlin/ Germany)


I am part of the festival team, taking care of the schedule and its content - like teachers and what they offer, and the different frames to practice and to share our knowledge.

For more than 20 years now I see myself in a slow but steady learning process with CI (as the center of my dance practice and profession) and I am amazed about the depth and complexity that is still unfolding. My work is influenced by anatomy based movement explorations, contemporary dance, ideas from BMC, Capoeira, play and the urge and joy of discovery. Teaching and performing has always been essential for me on this journey and I have been fortunate enough to teach all over the world. Seven years ago I started teaching CI training intensive programmes in Berlin together with Daniel Werner, where we developed our systematic approach to contact technique (



Lectures and Jam intros

I will share my knowledge through creating frames for focussed jamming, by giving a lecture and by dancing.

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Nina Wehnert (Berlin/ Germany) - body awareness in the morning and before the jams

Nina teaches Body-Mind Centering®, Contact Improvisation and Yoga in daily classes, workshops, retreats and festivals around Europe as well as at dance schools (SEAD, HZT, Tanzfabrik). She has great joy to immerse deeply into the exploration of sensing, perceiving and the development of the body.

Next to her dance studies, she certified as a Somatic Movement Educator in BMC® and in Embodied Anatomy & Yoga. She received her yoga training at OM Yoga New York, a Yogaschool that combines clear, precise alignment with the form of vinyasa and buddhist meditation. Currently she offers an Embodied Anatomy Training for yoga teachers in Berlin.

Nina will support this festival by offering moments to reconnect to oneself in this environment of sometimes 'too much information and interaction':



Welcome Morning! Vinyasa Yoga

In my classes I set the breath and sensation of the body as the foundation for movement. We will move through asanas in a calmly paced way. Again and again we draw the attention to ourselves and use the breath as a point of reference to center ourselves. It is a great way to warm up the body, stretch and wring out stored tension, sore muscles, renew and vitalize ourselves - getting our body and mind ready for welcoming the day.


Soothe your body & mind

these short classes will give you the possibility to take a conscious rest- a stretching, breathing, nourishing break from the turmoil of the festival to soothe your soul and meet yourself again. We will do very calm Yin Yoga poses that not only stretch your muscles but feed your body/mind. We will do easy breathing exercises and short meditations. These offers will create a calm and focussed environment for the jams to find fertile grounds.

Smith, Christine Mauch, Jörg Hassmann and many yoga teachers, she has great joy in sharing her experience and is happy to pass on what she received.


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ContactFestival: Timetable 2017

This timetable is still in a dynamic process but can give you a first taste.


Diese Seite ist nur in Englisch verfügbar, da dieses die Hauptunterrrichtssprache sein wird. Übersetzung ins Deutsche wird aber in allen Angeboten verfügbar sein. Bei Schwierigkeiten mit der englischen Webseite kontaktiert uns bitte, wir helfen dann gerne!


Intensives 2017


Adrian Russi (Bern/ Switzerland)
courage - trust - surrender: Following Through

Nina Wehnert (Berlin/ Germany)
Living intelligence - Body-Mind Centering® into dancing

Olivia Court-Mesa & Yochai Ginton (Tel Aviv/Chile/Israel)

The Common Body - Contemporary Technique into Partnering & CI




Adrian Russi (Bern/ Switzerland)


Adrian is a CI-teacher, performer and Craniosacral Therapist living in Switzerland and travelling all over Europe to teach and perform Contact and Free Improvisation. After his studies of New Dance at “bewegungs-art” in Freiburg/Germany he continued his education with many different teachers, among them Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith and Nita Little. In his teaching he focuses on the technical aspects of movement as well as on matters of perception and on a creativity coming from a distinct body-awareness. For him the pleasure to play and a deep commitment are the basis for gaining the most possible in dancing CI. Besides this his teaching is nourished by his studies of different kinds of martial arts and Craniosacral Therapy as well as of his own research work (amongst other things in the field of fascia).

As a performer he works with many different international artists and his performances are primarily based on Free Improvisation incorporating Contact Improvisation, dance, dance-theatre, voice and live music.



courage - trust  - surrender: Following through

Where does my dance lead me to when I give full commitment to gravity and to the movement flow? // How does a lift feel like that moves both of us through space and through different levels? // How can I find trust to follow my partner unquestionably?

Following through is one of the core principals of Contact Improvisation - this is what I found in the last years of dancing, exploring and teaching this form. Following through is at the edge between surrender and leading my movement actively, it is much more than just letting the dance happen. To follow my own movement impulses, gravity and my partners dance I have to be totally present and to develop the ability to change the direction of my movement at any split second. Moving in this way will bring me inevitably into the very here-and-now - and the dance evolving from there may be very wild and fast or almost not visible from the outside.

In this intensive we will explore Contact Improvisation as well on the level of movement technique as from the improvisational point of view. This can be very demanding and liberating at the same time! You will need to find your trust, surrender and sometimes also your courage to follow the offered material, but over the time you will discover the big freedom, the excitement and the grace coming from the principal of following through.


Notes from the festival Team:

We are happy to finally have Adrian teaching an intensive on our festival. He is one of the most well known and appreciated CI teachers of Europe, being around for the last 20 years, still very curious and invested in developing this unique dance form. We appreciate a lot his love for details, the spacious timing in his teaching and the combination of simplicity and challenges in his offers. Also the easeful and inspiring experience of co-teaching a CI Training programme with Adrian and organizer-Joerg makes us looking forward to Adrian's work.

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Nina Wehnert ( Berlin/ Germany)


Nina teaches Body-Mind Centering®, Contact Improvisation and Yoga in classes, workshops, retreats and festivals around Europe as well as in dance schools. She is engaged in the Somatische Basis Ausbildung in Somatische Akademie Berlin and is co-hosting the yearly BMC® Festival in Berlin with 17 BMC®/IBMT Teachers. She has great joy to immerse deeply into the exploration of sensing, perceiving and the development of the body. She studied dance, is certified as a BMC® Practitioner as well as in Embodied Anatomy & Yoga and teaches embodied anatomy in dance and yoga schools in Berlin.



Living Intelligence! Body-Mind Centering® into dancing

In this intensive we will explore embryological development. We will meet pathways that different body tissues like bones, fascia, connective tissues and organs took, how they found their places to grow and develop into a functional multilayered full-body being! Understanding from where they come from and what they are now.

It is a story of creating space and matter, of differentiation and integration. A journey of migrating, folding, unfolding, spiraling, touch and meeting - aspects that are still inherent in our bodies, in our dances -and in our lives!  Underneath lies the ongoing movement of condensing and expanding of cells breathing. A continuous interrelationship of core and periphery. An underlying trust into gravity and space is allowing movement to become full and present and to nurture and contain our dance in the more open frames of this festival. We will immerse ourselves into dancing that supports the creativity and ease of dancing alone or with a partner.

For me exploring our own body and evolutionary history is magic. Revisiting the history of our creation brings me back into the presence of my existence. Opening space for improvisation - aligning inner movement to the expression of movement through space.

You are very welcome to join with curiosity for finest awareness, movement explorations and improvisation that support joyous dancing at the jams !


Notes from the festival Team:

There is hardly anyone who knows our festival better than Nina. For many years she shaped the tone for the festival with her morning Yoga and in the evenings before the Jams with the Soothing Body & Mind. We love her clarity, generosity and friendliness. We are excited to have her supporting the festival this year by sharing her deep passion for BMC and dance. We actually managed to make her come back earlier from a USA trip to join our festival. She'll be freshly filled from working with Bonny Bainbridge Cohen.

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Olivia Court-Mesa & Yochai Ginton ( Tel Aviv/Chile/Israel)


Olivia & Yochai met 6 years ago in the studio, for the creation of the duet “Never The Less” (Dafi Altabeb). Both are dancing professionally for the past 15 years, touring internationally with different dance companies from Israel and abroad. Have been teaching repertoire, contact improvisation, contemporary dance and “The Common Body” in various dance programs, schools and festivals. As independent creators their choreographies were presented in different platforms around the world. Yochai is a Feldenskreis practitioner, Olivia an Ilan Lev practitioner and both are Vipassana meditators.


The Common Body

is a workshop-laboratory and movement language that is aiming to enrich within dancers the experience in dancing with a partner. Olivia & Yochai are exploring and mixing contact improvisation, dynamic floor work and contemporary partnering, finding a unique vocabulary between real time communication and form. Their unique approach triggers the dancer/mover’s mind to become sharper yet playful and curious. Releasing a wide spectrum of acrobatic possibilities in his own body/movement and with a partner.


Notes from the festival Team:

Olivia & Yochai's classes on movement technique, partnering and improvisation were a highlight of our last years festival. Their passion for the dance in teaching, demonstrating and jamming was highly contagious and inspiring. They found a way to combine rather complex and challenging movement proposals with a lot of flow, ease and fun. We are delighted to have them back on board to share their heartfelt work in more depth.

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