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ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: Contactimprovisation/Kontaktimprovisation
ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: meets
ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: Contemporarydance/Zeitgenössischer Tanz
ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: Contactimprovisation dancefestival in Göttingen for dance, contactimpro, improvisation. Tanzfestival für kontaktimprovisation und Contemporary Dance.


9th ContactFestival - Contact meets Contemporary  
24-30 July 2017 - in Goettingen, Germany

Attention: Most of content of this website is still from 2016, and will be updated soon!

A Contact Festival where Contact Improvisation meets Contemporary Dance

'contact meets contemporary' wants to inform, support and inspire Contact Improvisation by the knowledge of other contemporary dance forms. It will give tools to open the contact duet for solo, trio or group improvisations. And it will provide space for contemporary movement technique to be purely danced with others. The common ground where we meet is improvisation. Input from somatic approaches will nurture and inform the dancing body. And of course basic CI technique will appear.

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The Intensives 2017 with:


Nina Wehnert (Germany) / Living intelligence - Body-Mind Centering® into dancing

Yochai Ginton and Olivia Court Mesa (Israel/Chile) /The Common Body”

Adrian Russi (Switzerland) / courage - trust - surrender: FOLLOWING THROUGH



We are happy to see our festival developing. A pretty calm and clear energy has become the baseline of these intense seven days, which bring a lot of focus to learning and dancing. And we love to see how the spaces for hanging out, talking, reading and resting are growing, creating a balance to all the activities.

Happy to meet you in the summer


Your Festival Team
Jörg Hassmann, Daniel Werner, Gabi Neumann and Nadja Schwarzenbach






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