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ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: Contactimprovisation/Kontaktimprovisation
ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: meets
ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: Contemporarydance/Zeitgenössischer Tanz
ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: Contactimprovisation dancefestival in Göttingen for dance, contactimpro, improvisation. Tanzfestival für kontaktimprovisation und Contemporary Dance.

Musicians 2014

We are very happy to have six pretty different musicians on our festival. All of them are also teaching some kind of movement, dance or performance work. They are all connected to Contact Improvisation, which gives them a good understanding of the musical needs of Jams and dance classes.

In different constellations they will support the Jam sessions on our festival (apart from one or two silent jams) with Barnaby as our main musician. Also some of the classes will have life music.

Mokshia Frenzel will facilitate some singing in the morning for people who like to start their day in a group with music and voice.

Alex Zampini (Italy, Berlin)

is an interdisciplinary artist working with music, filmmaking, photography and performance-art. Inspired by Bruno Munari's view "the more you know, the more relations between ideas you can develop...“, he supports his own eclecticism by the belief that each discipline influences and enriches another. Growing up in the Italian Alps, he studied at the the Art School of Graphic Arts G. Pascoli in Bolzano and learned guitar with Michele Parigino. The duality of image and sound became a topic of interest for him and he experimented with both, creating an approach that combined both visual and sound. The concept of improvisation that characterized his previous works, found a proper ground for its flowering in Berlin where he became involved with contact improvisation and the contemporary dance and performance scene. He started to make music for various dance festivals in Germany and India, combining acoustic and electronic elements. A training with Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi opened new perspectives to his performative approach and inspired Alex to further explore the relationship between musician and dancer. Alex lives and works in Berlin, Germany, where he recently produced his first dance documentary-movie, Weave.



Barny Be Bush (GB, Berlin)

is a musican (cello, piano) and singer trained in the physical displines of improvised performance practises, dance, yoga and chi kung. He has developed solo and collaborative work in experimental performance, dance and music. He has produced 4 albums and regularly performs songs for cello and voice. He is based in Berlin.

As the organizers of this festival we are incredibly happy to have Barny Be' again with us. His abilty to support focussed spaces and his passion to place music generously in unexpected settings spreads an sense of improvisation numerous parts of the festival.


Gisbert Schürig (Berlin)

is making music with voice, guitar and electronics. His approach to music is sensual and philosophical at the same time, using sound as a way of exploring physical and imaginary facets of experience.
He is based in Berlin. Together with Jennie Zimmermann he is developing Minimal Improvisation, merging influences from Contact Improvisation and Minimal Music.


Jayna Cavendish (GB, India)

Having grown up in a musical family, I have improvised, harmonized and made sounds from the start. This led me to work as a professional backing vocalist and co writer for solo artists. I am interested in sound scores, improvised music collaborations and the co existence of movement and music being created as one. I am currently in a live experimental pop act called Love Nor Money . Check us out :)


Jennie Zimmermann (Berlin)

uses her voice to make music and works with loops and electronics in a minimalistic way. She is interested in the kinaesthetics of voice and body.
After intense training in bodywork and traditional healing methods she dived into movement and vocal studies and fell in love with Contact Improvisation. Repetition, minimalism and spontaneity are the main ingredients of her music
as well as deep curiosity for the unperfect, friction, flow and ecstasy.She works and performes with Gisbert Schürig.


Mokshia Frenzel (Canarian Islands)

... more information soon ...

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