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ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: Contactimprovisation/Kontaktimprovisation
ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: meets
ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: Contemporarydance/Zeitgenössischer Tanz
ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: Contactimprovisation dancefestival in Göttingen for dance, contactimpro, improvisation. Tanzfestival für kontaktimprovisation und Contemporary Dance.

Intensives 2012 

We happily and a bit proudly present our three intensive teachers of this year. Ruslan Santah from Kiew was supposed to teach last year but had to cancel due to visa issues and fresh papa-hood. He is one of the best known CI teachers in eastern europe. A remarkable dancer who's training in classical and contemporary dance is  obviously a deep and inspiring source for his CI dances - who has seen him once dancing knows what we mean.
We are honored to have Ka Rustler teaching this year, as she is one of the first generation contacters of Germany who is still fully engaged in the world of moving bodies and dance. Having a long history as a performer she is nowadays especially appreciated for her knowledge of BMC and alignment work as a base for her dance including CI.
The ones who came last year might be excited to see that Paul Singh is teaching an intensive. His single class has been a clear highlight of the previous festival, sharing his passion in understanding the connections of contemporary dance and CI.  

Ka Rustler (D)

Tensegrity Structures

Finding a connective network

While we move we constantly receive information from our internal and external world. How we perceive, filter, reject, use and accept, has a major influence on our instantaneous composition and how our senses create our environment.One unique aspect in this physical landscape is the support of the fascia. Fascia is strong connective tissue found throughout the body and wraps all our muscles and organs and participates in every body movement. It plays a crucial role in muscular force transmission and is also a sensory organ, actually our richest and most important in terms of body perception.  In this Workshop we will learn to access the different aspects of this sensing tissue, fluids and tensile structures and its influence on our perception and movement patterns. Any inefficient pattern will shape the efficiency of all later patterns. Experience and choice expands and deepens our sensory –motor knowledge, offering diverse layers to our movement qualities and patterns.  In structured forms, set exercises and Contact Improvisation we will explore the fascia diving into juicy, luscious dancingcreating a continuous dialogue and change of focus. Within an embodied reception we develop inner calm, clear intention and dynamic dancing, experiencing change within our total matrix of movement.    


Ka Rustler has been engaged with dance since 1965. Originally trained as a gymnast and a classical dancer, she continued her education in the 80`s at the Theatre School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam working with pioneers in the field of Improvisation and Performance like Remy Charlip, Lisa Nelson, Marsha Paludan, Nancy Topf, Nancy Stark Smith and Jan Fabre.  Her interest in body networking and movement pattern brought her to the US. 1991-94 supported by a fellowship grant she studied at The School for Body- Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen the basic physiological and developmental movement system, and received her degree as a BMC practitioner and Somatic Movement Educator. Over the course of 25 years Ka has been a leading member of Tanzfabrik Berlin, networker and co-organizer of ECITE and CI festivals. She is an international teacher, choreographer and improviser, Her work experience also includes somatic psychotherapy and international top management trainings. She has performed and collaborated with many renowned dance artists including Chris Aiken, Nien Marie Chatz, Ray Chung, Dieter Heitkamp, David Hurwith, Kurt Koegel, Stephanie Maher, Steve Paxton, Kirstie Simson, Lisa Schmid, Benno Voorham and Charlotte Zerbey. Her work for film and stage has been featured at dance and theatre festivals in Europe, Mexico, Russia, Japan and USA. Currently she teaches Approaches and Methods derived from BMC and their Application in Movement Research and Choreographic Exploration at Universities of contemporary dance in Dresden, Frankfurt and Berlin. She is founder of the Berlin based Institute for Body, Dance and Therapy, and mother of two children. Integrating body and mind and accessing an organic source of intelligence in dance stays the major influence and research in her ongoing work.

Ruslan Santah (Ukraine)

choice and spontaneous space play

... not only in Contact Improvisation

I imagine CI as a Dance of joy and spontaneous playing with space, where you, your partner and your interactions become unseparable. You become a whole and simply enjoy playfulness, diversity and creativity of all that is happening. Actively participating in everyrhing, without controlling your dance, just being aware, observing.
But first and foremost, you are having a dance, and it is good to know, how to move with the least physical effort, how to relax, how to fall down comfortably, how to stand up quickly and easily. In that regard I find modern dance techniques very useful. When we lose contact with our partner, we need to know, how to continue moving.


Ruslan Santah (Baranov) - dancer, choreographer, modern dance stage manager and Contact Improvisation (CI) teacher.
Obtained complete dancing education at the best Kiev Schools. Worked as ballet-dancer in professional Ukrainian folk dance groups. Participated in musicals "Dracula" (Czechia), "Keep Cool" (Switzerland). Was a stage manager of different show programs at nightclubs. At 1999 for the first time got acquainted with Contact Improvisation at Vienna summer dancing week's festival "Dance Web-99" (Austria) and since 2000 became the first CI teacher in Ukraine. His CI teachers were Ester Gall (Hungary), Daniel Lepkof (USA), Benno Vooram and Zibrig Dohter (Sweden), Brenton Chang (USA), Ekhard Muller (Germany) and at different projects he often met almost all present CI teachers of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Byelorussia and Poland. Not once conducted CI seminars in all these countries. Has been conducted regular CI lessons in Kiev since 2002 till present time. Teaches Contact Improvisation at Kiev National University of Arts and Humanities.


Paul Singh (USA)

Moving Mind meets Thinking Body

This class will try to use contemporary ideas for contact dancing. Both styles of dance have such useful information to help the main purpose of dance - to communicate with each other. Contact Improvisation and Contemporary dance have themes that are specific to each, yet cross-over into both. Contemporary dance gives us clarity in rhythm, powerful choices through unison ideas, and a focus of intention while dancing. Contact Improvisation gives us animal instincts, freedom in every second, and a chance to constantly physically support and be supported. Both forms let us maintain vulnerability and strength at the same time. We will work on naming and understanding the concepts that link the two types of dance, as well as practicing actually movement ideas that facilitate them both. Some questions we will address: How can we learn to see our partners while dancing? What movement patterns help us prepare our bodies for contact work AND give us a shared language for clear, thoughtful dancing? How do we get in touch with all parts of our creative selves and then bring this out into the jam atmosphere? how can having a clear intention help us choreograph an improvised dance? How do we make the word "contemporary" less scary for contact dancers and make the word "contact" less scary for contemporary dancers? It is time to get honest with our feet, our limbs, our minds and our sweat!


Paul Singh is a dancing fool that lives and works in New York City, USA. He has danced for over 25 different artists in New York and had his choreographic work professionally presented and curated at multiple modern dance venues. Experimental dance is his passion and he continues to seek new ways to challenge the standard ideas of human relationships in the larger world. He earned his BFA degree in Dance from the University of Illinois, USA, where he focused on a variety of dance techniques including Alexander Technique, Ballet, Modern and Contact Improvisation. He began his studies in CI with Chris Aiken and since then has had the pleasure of studying with Angela Dony, Yaniv Mintzer, Ray Chung and others. While recently visiting CI festivals in Israel, Russia and Germany, Paul spent time participating in intensives as well as assisting or teaching fundamentals in falling, flying, failing and laughing. As a student and teacher, he uses his understanding of Bartenieff Fundamentals as well as his innate sense of spatial awareness to explore more deeply the ideas of being grounded, becoming softer, and forgetting the difference between up and down. While in New York, Paul hopes to continue making work for his company, Singh & Dance, until his feet fall off.




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