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ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: Contactimprovisation/Kontaktimprovisation
ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: meets
ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: Contemporarydance/Zeitgenössischer Tanz
ContactFestival : ContactFestival Gttingen: Contactimprovisation dancefestival in Göttingen for dance, contactimpro, improvisation. Tanzfestival für kontaktimprovisation und Contemporary Dance.

Musicians 2012


We are very happy to have four pretty different musicians on our festival. All of them are also teaching some kind of movement, dance or performance work. They are all deeply connected to Contact Improvisation, which gives them a good understanding of the musical needs of Jams and dance classes.

In different constellations they will support the Jam sessions on our festival (apart from one or two silent jams) with Barnaby as our main musician. Also some of the classes will have life music.

Mokshia Frenzel will facilitate some singing in the morning for people who like to start their day in a group with music and voice. 

Barnaby Tree

Barnaby is a musican (cello, piano) and singer trained in the physical displines of improvised performance practises, dance, yoga and chi kung. He has developed solo and collaborative work in experimental performance, dance and music. He has produced 4 albums, Ravine(’94), Loose(’99), Like nothing ever before(07)amd Easily(09), and regularly performs songs for cello and voice. He is based between Berlin, Scotland and Barcelona. More under


Dino Spiri


Dino Spiri studied Jazz (Drums) in the Netherlands. As he started to create music for dance performances he was intrigued by the diversity that working with electronic music offers. By playing for a festival like CmC he is interested in creating a soft supportive frame that stimulates but doesn't disturb the dance. He currently lives in Berlin where he works as a freelance musician.

Anir Leben

I'm a musical oriented dancer and a dancing oriented musician and vocalist.
 When I dance, even without any sound, I get impulses for movement from 
inner melody or rhythm and from principles that I experience through music.
 There is loud and quiet, soft and rough, stillness and dynamic flow, pauses,
 up and down, contrast, harmony, dissonance, co-existence and and and...

I study dance, performance and improvisation at TIP and I teach Contact Improvisation in Freiburg. I was studying Jazz-singing in Berlin for a while, when I fell in love with CI. That gave me a seeming change of direction, which, as it turns out to be, is not totally correct.
 Combining music with dance is as old as mankind, is breathing earthly air. To connect CI with sound however, is somehow quite different.
 It has taken my interest for a few years now and I feel a nurturing richness in both improv-forms, music and dance, being able to feed each other with different kinds
 of tasty delicious bits of gwummmmdschiimmmmdjammm :)


Mokshia Roland Frenzel

... more information soon ...



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